Nintendo is going mobile. The news has been out there for about a month now and we still don’t know all that this means. The announcement was huge but it’s the details that were lacking in the big announcement. In this article I want to detail what we can assume from the announcement based on what we do and don’t know.

What we do know is that the partnership with DeNA means we can expect a good product with specific and detailed play. The variety of DeNA games is Vast; they have done RPG, Sandbox, Story based, action, and more and they have already ventured into the industry with apps designed for video games. One of their most popular downloads is Final Fantasy Record Keeper, which has over 5 million downloads. With DeNA we can also expect that most the games are going to be free to get, but high in pay to play. Almost every game from DeNA works this way and I would not expect this to change. Some of their in App purchases are as small as the typical .99 for a quick upgrade, to as large as $90 for a Gem pouch in final fantasy. That’s right… $90 dollars for an in app purchase… I see your virtual gem pouch costs more than an actual gem pouch in real life… We can only hope Nintendo keeps the in app purchases to a minimum.

In the Nintendo announcement we also were told that they would not be doing direct ports of games over to mobile. There are a number of things this could lead to in my opinion. First, either Nintendo is going to use similar game story and play with a new mobile twist, or, we will never see retro games on mobile from Nintendo and they only intend to make entirely new games using Nintendo characters.

Finally, we can expect it to be successful. Nintendo already has mobile style games on their portable systems that have found success. From Yoshi’s cookies all the way back on the original Game Boy, to Pokémon rumble world, Nintendo already knows how to make good mobile style games, now they just have a new platform to make money.

Nintendo going mobile is a major announcement from the company that, many thought, was falling out of the game when it came to gaming. It boosted hope in the company, stock prices soared with almost a $5,000 increase in shares over night and fans around the world were finally interested again.

However, it feels like the most important announcement was just brushed under the rug at the announcement… THE NX. Nintendo mentioned in the announcement plans for their next system, and all anyone could talk about was mobile gaming. While we at VGCritic are excited about mobile gaming… we can’t wait to get more information on the NX. Once we get that information we will bring it to you!

What are your opinions of mobile Nintendo and the NX? Let us know in the comments below.

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