Virtual reality is all the rage. But will it stay? I think not. For now.

The leader in VR right now is the oculus rift. The oculus rift is a head set that you wear on your face. (see picture above.) You wear headphones to get the full experience, and immersiveness. It covers your eyes, and takes you to a whole new world… As did the virtual boy in 1995. It had two screens, one for each eye, and was the first to do any sort of VR. It was probably the biggest flop for Nintendo of all time.

This is what makes me believe that VR will fail yet again. The oculus rift is very popular, and affordable at only $350. The only problem is, no one wants to sit in their room with a head set on. I think that an at home VR will fail.

Because of this, I feel arcade VR will succeed. People will want to go to arcades for VR. A VR in an arcade with bluetooth signal masks would work, especially if its Mutiplayer with the others in the room. Imagine SR Star Wars with your friends. The layout of the level could be the same layout as the room, so you don’t have to worry about the walls, just about having fun.

Now let’s talk about what I think it will take for home VR to work. A home VR will have to be VR similar to that of the Star Trek holodeck. Tell me you don’t want that. Who wouldn’t want that?! No one wants to sit in a room with a mask, looking foolish. But a holodeck type VR will work.

What do you think? Will VR ever work in the home? Do you think it works now? Let me know in the comments below!