I remember the very first Gyarados I caught, it was a level 30 Gyarados in Pokemon: FireRed Version. It took about an hour to successfully find one with my super rod, battle and catch. Seeing this powerful Pokemon that I had caught with a great ball made me a very proud 8 year old and when I went to gloat to my younger brother he was almost as impressed as I was. The first thing I used my Gyarados for was fighting through the fire type gym and this under leveled Pokemon kick some major trash. After the 7th gym I went to the islands and got my Gyarados to an even higher level and now the favorite Pokemon in my team I defeated Giovanni and moved on to the Elite 4 and after fighting each member I fought my rival for the position of champion for the very first time. Gyarados won it all for me, or at least that’s what it felt like. I trained my Gyarados after the Elite 4 more and more and eventually I had a level 88 Gyarados. I had put hours of time and effort into the development of this strong Pokemon and then I was offered a trade that would change my perspective on this Pokemon forever. A friend of mine with a bit more Pokemon experience approached me and asked if I wanted to trade my level 88 Gyarados for his Shiny level 30 Gyarados. I had heard of shiny Pokemon but never seen one and this seemed like the best possible shiny I could get. I accepted this trade and never actually got around to training the shiny but I was proud to have it. It was not until I started to show my friends my shiny that I realized EVERYBODY HAS A FREAKIN’ SHINY GYARADOS! I lost my favorite Pokemon and in return received a Pokemon more common than a level 3 Pidgey. I was so mad and when I went to confront my friend he had started a new game and lost my good Gyarados forever. I kept the shiny and it was a fairly good Pokemon until the Generation IV games came around and I had the opportunity to transfer my Gyarados up to Pokemon Pearl Version. In Generation IV the physical/special split hit a lot of Pokemon hard but none as hard a Gyarados. With this Pokemon’s special move pool no two are the same, however, Gyarados’ moves made him a special attacker and his stay distribution made him a physical attacker. Gyarados was no longer the Pokemon I fell in love with as an 8 year old. In the Generation IV gamesĀ Pokemon HeartGold Version andĀ Pokemon SoulSilver Version the shiny Gyarados flooded the earth once more and as time went by I fell away from Gyarados until in Generation VI I learned about Mega Gyarados. I was so excited Gyarados had finally gotten the dragon type he deserves and he was gonna be good again. Unfortunately no, he wasn’t dragon type nor was he good again. Mega Gyarados is part dark, that is stupid considering the best dark move he naturally learns is bite. He was never meant to be dark type and now this Pokemon I at one point loved will never be any good. Gyarados doesn’t only suck because of number and typing but because of the sour memories I have because of Game Freaks mistakes. So now you know why I think Gyarados sucks, do you agree? Lemme know in the comments.