There is some argument nowadays that no good games are coming out recently. Where is the Skyrim of today? Why has Bethesda been absent for so long? Ok. Half absent really. They are hard at work on Elder Scrolls Online. I guess the real question is where is the next Fallout game?

I guess that is beside the point. What I’m saying is, sure, the games that came out recently are chuck full of action, but where is the story? Where is… Watchamacallit…. ADVENTURE! That’s it! Where is the adventure in today’s games? I’ll tell you where the adventure is: outside the zones that you can’t get into. Thanks Call of Duty for putting a limit on my adventure. Want to see what is down, and over a little? Nope. You left the battle zone.

Games today have very little imagination, or path straying in any way. If you wanted to go see the world in Skyrim, Fallout, or Farcry, go for it! Other games, Want to go anywhere EXCEPT the laid out path in front of you? That sucks! Games like this give you the thought of freedom, but not actual freedom. They are pretty much just rail shooters where you can kind of control where you go. I want an open world war game. Like if Skyrim and Call of Duty had a baby.

Open world war game? BAM! I just made next years best seller. Maybe I should copyright the idea…. Nah, it is enough just to know that I came up with it. You are welcome. I’ll collect my check for five million dollars now please. I wish. That would be awesome. Anyway, off topic tangent over, what do you think? If I could have any war be open world I would choose WWII. What type of open world game would you like to see? Let me know it the comments below!