Everyone here plays Pokemon games, so I thought to myself: “why not make a list of my top ten Pokemon games?” So, here you are! Cameron’s list of top ten Pokemon games!


#10: Pokemon trading card game for the game boy color
Who would have ever thought that playing a video game based on a card game would be so awesome? The card game was fun, but unless you had friends who also played the card game, you could never play. But this game let you play the card game where ever, when ever. even if you didn’t know how to play the card game, it taught you how to.

#9: Pokemon red
I would say that this is the game that started it all, and technically in the US it did. It was a unique game that became an instant classic. There is a lot of creepy pasta made about this game revolving around lavender town. Personally I LOVE the lavender town music! Whenever I played the game, I would RACE to lavender town, and spend as much time there as possible. This game is what started the Pokemon franchise and its one of the best.

#8: Pokemon Fire red
Well, essentially, this game is Pokemon red, but when you beat it you get the national dex allowing you to catch all of the other Pokemon that came out between red and fire red. So, if you want to know what this game is, play red, then add 2nd and 3rd gen Pokemon.

#7: Pokemon X
This is considered a reboot of the franchise, which makes it really easy to play. If you haven’t played a Pokemon game, and don’t want to start on red, then I suggest that you play this game, it is easy to play, and the elite four offers very little challenge, leaving you to feel really good about yourself.

#6: Pokemon Stadium
Take the handheld Pokemon games, take out everything except the battling, add cool animations, letting you pick your Pokemon, and then make it a cut throat competition. This game came out early on the N64, so you can only pick from the original 150 Pokemon, but it is one of the funnest games out there!

#5: Pokemon Snap
This game is one with a simple concept that is a lot of fun! You go around and get pictures of Pokemon! You have a kind of leveling up system where you get apples, then gas balls, then a poke flute. It depends on what you use, but you can unlock levels, and evolve Pokemon to get pictures of all them all!

#4: Pokemon Stadium 2
This game is similar to the first Pokemon stadium, but it adds Pokemon from the second generation, and with double the Pokemon, its double the fun!

#3: Pokemon XD, Gale of Darkness
This game came out on the game cube, but it is SUCH a fun game. There are dark Pokemon, and you get a glove type thing that lets you  steal other peoples Pokemon, but only if they are infected. It is one of my favorite non hand held game ever.

#2: Pokemon Silver
This game is so much fun. it may be a nostalgia thing, but this game is awesome. It was the first hand held Pokemon game i ever played! I was on a vacation and my parents surprised me with a gameboy color and Pokemon silver! I had so much fun playing this game, and adventuring around the virtual world.

#1: Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon yellow is like the tv show. you start out with Pikachu. the best part about this game is you can get all 3 starters! you pick up Bublasaur from a Pokemon shelter, you rescue Charmander from a trainer who doesn’t want him any more, and then you get Squirtle from a city terrorized by a gang of Squirtles. they all reference the tv show in the way you get them. The fact that you get all three starters is what really put this game over the edge.