What are the best 10 Pokemon? The Opinionated Gamers all have there own opinion and they are all different from one-another’s, as well as are probably different from yours. We argue all the time “behind the scenes” about the best dragon type or the trade value of each legendary and sometimes a Mewtwo for a Darkrai would seem like a fair trade. All opinions are based on the preference of each situation; Here is a list of the favorite Pokemon of the Opinionated Gamers and their why’s.


10. Charmeleon – Many people over look the first evolution in a two evolution Pokemon. However Charmeleon had all the right moves, while still not being a giant.

9. Primeape – To be honest, I like this one because of the TV show. Ever since I saw the episode where Ash gets his Primape, I wanted one. They just look cool.

8. Zangoose – Most Pokemon evolve. Not Zangoose. From the second a Zangoose hatches from an egg it knows what it is. It has a look of determination on its face, a look that tells you not to mess with it.

7. Talonflame – This beauty from X and Y was a huge carrier on my team. He helped me through a lot of hard battles and a flying fire type is just pretty nice to have.

6. Nidoking – Not going to lie. Nidoking just looks freaking awesome.

5. Shuckle – Shuckle is 5 on my list because, while he isn’t that good at anything really, he has the most potential for damage in a single turn of any Pokemon.

4. Beedrill – In Red and Blue you would get to one of your first challenges, the Viridian Forest. There you would run into a lot of Caterpie and Weedle and as a child it just made more sense to me to have a bee with three stingers on my team as opposed to a butterfly.

3. Snorlax – Snorlax is just super chill all the time. We should all try to be more like Snorlax. That and he kind of reminds me of me… So there’s that…

2. Mewtwo – I am a HUGE gen. 1 fan. I was a child when the gen. 1 movie came out. You better believe that I saw that movie in the theaters! I LOVED it! My parents didn’t but whatever. Mewtwo was a human created Pokemon that had MASSIVE powers, and tried to take over the freaking universe by destroying all humans! But then my number one came to save the day!

1. Mew – And number one on my list: Mew. As you noticed Mewtwo was number two. So Mew is number one. As I said before, I saw the first Pokemon movie and realized that no other Pokemon (at the time anyway, and its kind of just stuck to me that way) could defeat the all mighty Mew! Not even its human made clone.



10. Kyogre- It was my first shiny, and that’s about it.

9. Mightyena-It was the first Pokemon I created with a competitive mindset.

8. Uxie- U-turn, Reflect, Light Screen, Trick Room- A move set that works and I see beauty in.

7. Articuno- Nostalgia = Bae

6. Eevee- Options and diversity, you know options are fun and yeah.

5. Ninetails- It was the first shiny Pokemon I worked for.

4. Shaymin- It’s really cool how little Pokemon can pack a punch and this proves it.

3. Ho-oh- Hands down best shiny.

2. Blastiose- Blastoise was the first starter I used in my first Pokemon game. I chose his final stage because its when I realized how much I really liked him. He’s just another childhood favorite.

1. Entei- Entei has always been really close to my heart. Before I played any Pokemon game,all I had seen was the Pokemon 3 movie and I then felt an instant attachment.




10. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle. For us older gamers this was our first introduction to the world of pokemon. I have played blue multiple times and used each starter. They are pokemon.

9. Scyther – this pokemon screams awesome! probably the only semi decent bug pokemon, especially when evolved this pokemon is one of my favorites purely on looks alone.

8. Steelix – Remember the first time you meet Onix. You sat there and said… “that pokemon is boss! Fo – Shizzle.” (thats how we talked in the 90s). Well Steelix came along and BAM! awesomeness just happened!!! now Mega Steelix! Happiness can commence now!

7. Ludicolo – I know… not a fantastic pokemon. I like him cause he just looks like a party. You roll in with a Ludicolo and the party starts right there! You want a killer party? invite a Ludicolo. He’s that friend that nobody wants to be with every day but always wants at the party.

6. Aggron – Aron doesnt evolve until level 32, then its ten long levels before you are finally rewarded with this awesome piece of pokemon. Add in mega Aggron and he gets that much more amazing.

5. Sharpedo – If we have noticed anything about this list its the fact that I really like pokemon who have the hardcore look to them. Do they look tough… then I like them and Sharpedo looks tough

4. Absol – Knife out of the head… Nuff Said.

3. Dialga – Just a great legendary

2. Zekrom – you dont want to meet this Pokemon in a back ally way. He screams “don’t mess with me or I will suck you into my jet engine tail!”

1. Hydreigon – you have to wait till level 64  to be rewarded with this kick trash dark dragon type, but in my opinion is worth the wait.




10. Squirtle

9. Squirtle

8. Squirtle

7. Squirtle

6. Squirle

5. Squirtle

4. Squirtle- I like Squirtles

3. Rayquaza – This Pokemon is a powerful, legendary dragon type Pokemon. When it’s in it’s shiny form, it is a glossy black.

2. Manectric – This electric type Pokemon can be trained to have incredible speed, and it can also be mega evolved.

1. Milotic – Not only is this pokemon a powerful water type, but it also looks cool.




10. Kingdra – My Favorite type is dragon type. I have always loved all dragons, but Kingdra was always cool just because of the way it evolved. Its always amused me that trading while holding a Dragon Scale could make a Pokemon evolve into a dragon type.

9.  Venusaur – Venusaur/Bulbasaur was always my first starter. Every time I played LeafGreen I could have him full evolved by the 4th gym. Every time I play Gen 1 I have, and will always choose Bulbasaur.

8. Goodra – Every time I play through a Pokemon game I have to put a dragon type in my team. Goodra has been fun to play with, and like Kingdra, I love the way it evolves. The first time I played Pokemon X I got my Sliggoo to level 55 before I finally looked up how it evolved, and that made me love it even more than Kingdra.

7. Flygon – Flygon was the Pokemon I always used in my gen 3 play troughs. He will always have a special place in my heart over Salamance purely over the fact that I was too lazy to train a Salamance to level 55 when I could train a Flygon to level 45

6. Zekrom – I love Zekrom for one reason and one reason only. Its typing. Dragon type is my favorite type and electric type is my second favorite. What more can I say.

5. Torterra – Torterra/Turtwig are by far my favorite starters of all time. When you pick Turtwig your rival picks Chimchar. When he is full evolved you can now hit your rivals starter with super effective base 100 power STAB move, and you can live a fire type move from him because you are so bulky.

4. Hydregon – Hydregon was the dragon type Pokemon I used in my Gen 5 play troughs. I always liked him more than Haxorus because Hydregon had a secondary typing. I also use a Hydrgeon in my competitive battle team, he is my 4th favorite dragon type ever.

3. Giratina- Giratina has always amused me, him basically being the devil of all Pokemon, plus the fact he carried me through the elite four in gen 4 the very fist time I ever played platinum he has always had a special place in my heart.

2. Garchomp – I had a tough time deciding which order to place these last two. Garchomp was my gen 4 dragon type, and he was also the ace of Cynthia. He was also the very first Pokemon that I bread a shiny for. It only took a time period of about 6 months, but I did it.

1. Dragonite- Dragonite is my favorite Pokemon ever. I always loved that rewarding feeling of catching a Dratini in the safari zone and training it up to level 55 just to watch it evolve into that giant monster you saw in the cartoon that was as big as a lighthouse. Dragonite will always be my favorite Pokemon.




10. Skarmory- Skarmory is a Pokemon that fairly recently gained value in my heart. When I first played through Gen 3 games I would have a team built by the time a found a Skarmory and it wasn’t until I was looking for another Pokemon to put on my recent sand team that I used one. I really liked how tough and bulky Skarmory is and he really supports my type of playing. I like to use Pokemon that hit hard and can take hits and Skarmory is the perfect for this.

9. Kangaskhan(Not Mega)- I have loved this Pokemon for as long as I can remember. I never understood why it was appealing to me when I was little and I have never used it in a playthrough of any Pokemon game, I just always catch one when I have the chance. Kangaskhan is just a rare Pokemon and I really just use it as a trophy. I do like Kangaskhan Mega but not as much as I have always love the original.

8. Smeargle- Smeargle is cheap. Smeargle is banned. Smeargle is over powered. I know, and I get it. I created one of these cheap Smeargle and I use it all the time. Smeargle gets a lot of hate but out side of competitive Smeargle is fun. I used a Smeargle in a playthrough of Pokemon X and it was practically impossible. I had to be super careful when deciding to use sketch and I had to know what was best for my team and in the end I gave up. It was so much fun though and I wish I hadn’t.

7. Teddiursa- Teddiursa is adorable! It was a forced catch in Pokemon Gale of Darkness and I used it every time. It was cute and it was powerful when it evolved, nostalgia carries it the rest of the way to my favorites list.

6. Whismur- Whismur is the same as Teddiursa except for the Gen 3 games. It is an adorable pokemon that evolves into a well designed powerful Pokemon.

5. Zorua- I love so many things about Zorua. I love its design and ability because its so unique. No other Pokemon does what Zorua does other than Zoroark. This is so cool. I also love the rarity of this Pokemon it was only attainable, basically, through event in Black and White; You only got one in Black 2 and White 2; You don’t get it until late game in Pokemon X/Y or ORAS. This Pokemon also has one of the best shiny sprites in my opinion. I have a shiny Zorua and I probably not going to evolve it because I am not a huge fan of Zoroark’s shiny sprite.

4. Serperior- Serperior is powerful and super cool looking and was the first shiny I successfully bred for. I like the shiny of this Pokemon and it by far, in my opinion is the best starter. Serperior’s hidden ability, contrary, is way fun. All these things make Serperior just awesome.

3. Salamence(Not Mega)- Salamence was my first level 100 that I trained. My move set on it was Crunch, Zen Headbutt, Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor. I spent hours training this Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl. Salamence is powerful and it had the first powerful dragon look in Pokemon. I always have loved the design with the power and I am really excited that it now has a mega but I am also sad that the Pokemon I love is being forced to change.

2. Jirachi- I really don’t care too much for event Pokemon, but Jirachi was my first one. Jirachi is relatively rare and when I got one in Pokemon Soul Silver I immediately trained it. Within a day it was high level high power and I loved it. This Pokemon fought through so many battles with me and it truly deserves to be one of my favorites.

1. Ambipom- I love Ambipom and I have since I saw Dawn’s for the first time on the anime. Ambipom is cute and packs a huge punch, not many Pokemon do that. I just received a shiny Ambipom(thanks AJ) and, now that I have it, there is no Pokemon I would rather have as my team captain going into the VGCBL.