Star Citizen. The biggest indie game I’ve ever seen, even bigger than the massively popular Minecraft. From the mind of Chris Roberts, is a 100% player funded space simulator game. Although still in production, players can purchase ships and other packages that allow them access to what has been created for the game so far, including the hangar, flying simulator known as “Arena Commander,” and other features. This game has huge expectations for what Roberts wants the finished product to be, and many people have backed him. With a constant tracker, already nearly 900,000 people have backed this game, pledging over $79,000,000. This is an amazing accomplishment for the gaming industry, and a miracle that Roberts never expected! He has promised backers access to the game as it is developed, giving out patches to all those who have already committed some cash.

Star Citizen features a first person world, where you will be able to walk, fly, and do about everything you ever wanted to do in a space simulator. It plans to have a constantly evolving universe, an in game economy to match the famed EVE Online, and a finished game size of an estimated 100GB! This is something unheard of in games. The biggest game I’ve seen recently clocked in at a mere 60GB. You will be able to make decisions, ones that hopefully will make an impact on how others see you, NPC’s and players. There will also be an insurance system, where you will have to be careful out in the great beyond, because if your ship is destroyed or damaged, it will be a costly repair or replacement! You will be able to chose a “career,” things such as a courier, a soldier, a fighter pilot, or a ruthless mercenary or pirate. The goal is that you will be able to play what you see! No limits is what they want in this game.

Flying a ship in this game isn’t so easy as hopping in a car and taking her for a quick spin! Oh no, Roberts has implemented full Newtonian physics systems and other features, all making it as real as possible to fly a ship throughout space and on worlds. Even a G-force system is in place, where you will be able to force your pilot unconscious, or even kill him by taking to fast of a turn! This adds for a real challenge when it comes to learning to pilot these bad boys, sizing from small one-seater, to massive mining ships still in production. There will also be ship customization, allowing you to give your own personal touch to your flying beauty. Imagine, getting a group of friends together, hoping on-board your 6 man ship, and going on a galactic adventure!

With this amazing game under development, but with a major focus on player interactivity in the process, why don’t you head on over and take a look at what Star Citizen has to offer you? Do you have what it takes to become the space pirate you dreamed about in your childhood? Check it out at