There are many ways to predict the outcome of a sporting event but the way I find that works remarkably well is to pair up each of the teams mascots with a unique Pokemon.

As the 2015 Super Bowl is among us now, I have made the initial prediction that Pelipper (Seattle) will beat Braviary (New England).

There are many things that brought me to this conclusion but the bulk of the Pelipper will be able to with stand offensive strength of the obviously choiced Braviary.

In addition Pelipper has access to ice beam, stockpile, roost, and any other choice of move while Braviary’s best chance is to be a choice band brave bird set. If Pelipper can take a brave bird, which he should be able to with the right investments, he can counter and win with ease.

Possible Error
There is no knowing when a critical hit will occur and this prediction may not be accurate due to luck.