It has been two week since Splatoon was released for the Wii U. I feel like I have officially played enough to form a strong opinion of this game; I also have played all the many parts and am going to post a review on each of them.

I was really hoping for some split-screen online gameplay with Splatoon, and sadly this did not happen. I am happy to say that the local multiplayer we were given is actually pretty fun.

We were given a 1 on 1 vs mode where the objective is not to kill each other, but to pop as many balloons as you can before time runs out. In addition to popping the balloons you can kill one another for the benefit of having you opponent lose points they have scored. The way to win is to get to 30 points first or to have the most points after the 5 minute long timer runs out.

The gameplay is interesting, the way it works is one person sees there character on the game pad and the other person sees their character on the TV; There is no split-screen. You both pick a premade weapon class and you then select a stage.

This system makes for a really good game when you are playing with people of equal skill level. When these matches are one-sided they aren’t really any fun.

I still wanna see an online split-screen, but for now the local 1v1 will have to do