It has been two week since Splatoon was released for the Wii U. I feel like I have officially played enough to form a strong opinion of this game; I also have played all the many parts and am going to post a review on each of them.

After you have reached level 10 in regular online play, the ranked battles are unlocked. There is a huge difficulty jump from regular online to ranked online. The people in ranked make for good, competitive opponents and ranked is the place to test your skills.

The way the ranking system works is when you win you go up 20 points in the ranking system. After you reach 100 points you go up a letter grade; C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, S-, S. This is a hard latter to climb especially since when you lose, you lose 10 points. This helps to keep players where they belong. The good players have to maintain there high ranking and the bad players don’t just rank up for playing. This makes it incredibly difficult to be ranked well, however the match making system is really good because the match you by your letter grades.

The mode for ranked is called Splat Zone. This is where there is a capture and hold goal. To win your team just has to have held the area in the middle the longest. The tables can turn really fast in this mode and over confidence can easily lose you the game.

I am not the best at ranked but I am striving to be better. I look forward to Splatoon streams in the future! See you there on twitch @VGC_Cooksey