It has been two week since Splatoon was released for the Wii U. I feel like I have officially played enough to form a strong opinion of this game; I also have played all the many parts and am going to post a review on each of them.

The first part of the game that I will be reviewing is Story Mode.

When you first start to play Splatoon you have the option to go straight into the online play or get into the story mode. I would definitely suggest to try out the story mode before attempting online play. The story mode is fairly short and it helps players to grasp a quick mastery of the controls.

The way that story is broken down is there are a 5 worlds. In the first world there are 3 levels followed by a boss, while in the other 4 worlds there are 6 levels followed by a boss. The levels and and the bosses are all relatively easy but there are some tricky parts that make the story mode difficult.

There are not a set amount of lives, the levels are set up more in the complete to continue format which just means that you play the level repeatedly until you have beat it and then you move on. I personally liked this because the completing of the game required learning which was the sole purpose of the story mode.

Story mode is worth the time and when you complete it you are rewarded for your efforts with gear for online.