Following the conclusion of Pokémon ORAS which was in my humble opinion the best Pokémon game to date, there seemed to be a belief that they were dropping hints towards an ending. Were they just referring to the end of the Delta Episode, or were they referring to the end of the series? We won’t really know until the next announcement, or lack thereof. Below is one of the theories of the Opinionated Gamers, these are not fact and we have no inside information, this is simply speculation. Look for more theories in the future.

The Shared System Theory – By Erik

Delta episode dropped a number of weird phrases that seemed out of place for the Pokémon series. In the final cut scene, the creepy old lady and Zinnia are talking about the end of things and how all things need to come to an end because “ Only then… Only then can there be a new beginning.” After much pondering I think this line holds the key to the next Pokémon game, a new beginning.

Pokémon has been a handheld console only game from the beginning. Yes I am aware there are Pokémon franchise games for the main consoles but they are nothing like the original style of game that we see on the handheld, and don’t even get me started on what the heck Pokémon snap was! The new beginning for Pokémon could be a transition to main console gaming. Imagine being able to walk and track Pokémon in HD on your big screen, or Pokémon in first person! This would be such a great way to play the games. Having seen what they are doing with the new Zelda WiiU game, imagine that graphic and map engine applied to the world of Pokémon; it would be amazing. You could walk through tall grass and literally track Pokémon, follow prints, use pokéblocks as bait, and so much more.

Now imaging them taking red and blue, the beginning, and remaking it in this HD first person world. Recreating the map in a larger scale to be traveled either in first person or 3rd person, not unlike the view in Zelda. Battles would be like what we saw in Pokémon stadium but more interactive. With the new ability to see and track Pokémon in the tall grass in ORAS, the programing lends itself to the same kind of tracking and catching that would be perfect on the WiiU in this game format. The WiiU Gamepad is also the perfect device to double as a Dex nav. Control your Pokémon from the tablet. This game could be simply put as AMAZING.

Now for the best part…

Last year Nintendo did something that really hasn’t ever been done before; build a game that can be played seamlessly between the companies two main systems. Super Smash Brothers U and for the 3ds work hand and hand together in a way no other game has done so. You can move characters between the two, use your ds as a controller and so much more. What this does is open the door for a cross system Pokémon game like no other, a new beginning of sorts for Pokémon. With the game on the WiiU and a game on the 3DS Pokémon would be a perfect fit for a cross console game. When unable to play at home you could play on the3DS. You could seamlessly transition to and from the two consoles to make for one epic Pokémon adventure. One can only hope my theory is correct… It would be Amazing!