Pokemon Sun and Moon


Ease of Play


Game Play




Buy Again?



  • Great New Design
  • New Pokemon
  • Alola Form of Pokemon
  • Multiple Challenges to beat Game
  • Improved AI in Challengers


  • No Pokemon Gyms
  • Transfer Locks Pokemon from Previous Games

Game Summary

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a new generation of Pokemon set on the islands of Alola. You will embark on a journey to master the island trials and eventually work your way up to become the Alola Champion. This game differs from previous generations as that gyms and gym badges have been replaced by “Island Challenges” which essentially are gym battles but with a different twist. In the end, you will also encounter your legendary from the game cover and then battle and catch the ULTRA BEASTS in the post gameplay. This game is a great addition to the Pokemon franchise as it keeps enough of the original game play and style with improvements that make it more interesting and challenging in some ways. The improvements to battling and the addition of Z moves allows for a new dynamic for people who want to play competitively but the game play is simple enough for the causal gamer.

Is there a better alternative?

The Pokemon purists may not like this game and might prefer Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as it sticks to the more traditional play and battle styles and competitive training is more traditional, but as for a new Pokemon game I think it keeps a lot of the tradition of the games while providing a new and fun challenge to the way its played.

How long will it last?

The beauty of Pokemon games is there are many options to keep it going. you can try to catch them all, you can shiny hunt, you can battle at the battle tree, you can save your Pokemon to Pokemon bank and start a new game. Pokemon games are great to replay as every time you play it’s different.

Should you buy it?

Absolutely. This is quite possibly the best Pokemon game yet. It keeps the fun of the old games and updates with the technology and gaming capabilities of today.