It’s been almost a week since the newest Pokemon game came out and a few of us have been playing this game nonstop. Pokemon Rumble World is an exciting, free to play game. Though this game has the option for “in app purchases” it is easy to play and get the full experience without them. Everything is unlock-able with patience and with dedication.


There are many great things about this game, but out of them all some are 1. auto-attacking, 2. FREE, and 3. mixed difficulty levels.

1. Auto-attacking is great. I can run through a bunch of enemy Pokemon and my Pokemon auto attacks making the game play easier. All Pokemon will use their primary attack when auto attacking so if you don’t like this feature you can conveniently turn it off mid-run.


2. There is nothing better than not paying for something that you enjoy. Think about it:

Puppies: Great

Free Puppies: Better


Food: Great

Free Food: Better


Video Games: Great

Free Video Games: Better


So in conclusion a free game, that you would normally be willing to spend money on, is better than actually spending money on it.


3. Nothing is worse than a game that is too easy; Nothing is worse than a game that is too hard. Pokemon Rumble world can be super easy and it can be super hard and the player is the one who picks the mission they play. This game can have relaxing, easy, missions or it can have difficult, challenging, missions. Its up to you.

If its been a week and you haven’t got this game you are missing out. This Pokemon game is one of the most fun games have for my 3DS. It’s a free game so you might as well give it a shot.