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Round 2 is Over and to be honest… we did a lot better than most people!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, while you were burning your bracket we were celebrating awesome picks based purely off Pokémon battles. Very few people predicted UAB to win… but we did. Very few people picked UCLA but we did… Granted we missed on a few Check the first article out here!


Kentucky Umbreon vs Hampton Unown – Winner: Umbreon

Cincinnati Zoark vs Purdue Klank – Winner: Zoark

West Virginia Boufalant vs Buffalo Tauros – Winner Boufalaunt

Maryland Caracosta vs Valparaiso Pawinard – Winner Caracosta

Butler Grandbull vs Texas Miltank- Winner Miltank

Notre Dame Scrafty vs Northeastern Herdier – Winner Scrafty

Wichita State Ludio vs Indiana Unown – Winner Ludio

Kansas Archeops vs NM State Sunflora – Winner Archeops


We only missed one game in the Midwest. I will take that any year on a Bracket. Not hard since there were not a lot of upsets.



Wisconsin Linone vs Coastal Carolina Pidgeoto – Winner Linone

Oregon Farfetch’d vs Oklahoma St Unown – Winner Farfetch’d

Arkansas Emboar vs Wofford Herdier – Winner Emboar

UNC Nidoking vs Harvard Jynx – Winner Jynx (Major Upset Prediction)

Xavier Ditto vs Ole Miss Beartic – Winner Ditto

Baylor Ursaring vs Georgia St Meowth – Winner Meowth

VCU Gogoat vs Ohio State Nuzleaf – Winner Gogoat

Arizona Delphox vs Texas Southern Growlith – Winner Delphox


We got one right when it came to Georgia State, but we missed on the Harvard game… barely. What a great game that was. We also missed on VCU which hurt, proof that you never count out a Nuzleaf.



Villanova Meowstic vs Lafayette charmealeion- Winner Meowstic

NC State Hoard of Poocheyenas vs LSU Archanine – Winner Poocheyenas Hoard

Northern Iowa Liepard vs Wyoming Unown – Winner Liepard

Louisville Fletchinder Vs UC Irvine Heatmor- Winner Fletchinder

Providence Bannette vs BSU Rapidash – Winner Bannette

Oklahoma Cacturn vs Albany Herdier- Winner Cacturn

Michigan St Hitmonchan vs Georgia Granbull –  Winner Grandbull

Virginia Escavalier vs Belmont Beartic – Winner Escavalier


We along with everyone else it seemed missed on Providence. We also missed on Michigan St. but we survived the Hoard pick which was not my favorite pick but we survived that one..




Duke Houndoom vs UNF/RMU Unown – Winner Houndoom

San Diego State Xatu vs St Johns Delibird – Winner Delibird

Utah Hawlucha vs SF Austin Timbur – Winner Hawlucha

Georgetown Stoutland vs Eastern Washington Braviary – Winner Stoutland

SMU Rapidash vs UCLA Ursaring – Winner Ursaring

Iowa State Fletchinder vs UAB Dragonair – Winner Dragonair

Iowa Haunchcrow vs Davidson Purugly – Winner Haunchcrow

Gonzaga Grandbull vs ND State Tauros – Winner Grandbull


Delibird let us down and xatu moved on in this bracket but the best part of this bracket comes in the picks nobody else got; UAB and UCLA.


Only missing 6 games put us in to the 10% of all brackets submitted and we did it all off Pokémon. We will bring you more as the tourney continues.


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