When did Pokemon battles become so limited? Back in Gens 1-4 a Pokemon Trainer could bring to battle what ever they wanted and been seen as an equal challenger, now if you want to win you bring a Greninja or a Talonflame. Because of this we here at VGCritic are happy to accept the challenge of finding ways to make any Pokemon good in our new mini series Hey! THIS Could Work. I cannot say that we will be successful but it is definitely possible to find a new strategy for the Pokemon that are not as good as our memories may portray them to be.

To understand what we are hoping to accomplish you need to understand the Pokemon battling system. There is a lot of different ways to battle, but the most accepted battling is built upon the rules of Smogon. To find these rules check out http://www.smogon.com/ -Tiers are based upon usage more so than the actual power of the Pokemon, this is why some of an individual’s favorite Pokemon are not higher in the the standard tiers of Pokemon.


The standard Pokemon tiers are:

Ubers- This is were most event legends will be found and also where the Uber-Used and the Uber-Powerful Pokemon will be found.

OU- OU, or over used, is where most battling occurs and it is where the powerhouses are. Some examples of OU Pokemon are Talonflame, Charizard, Venusaur, Gliscor or Azumarill. These Pokemon hit hard and are usually super fast as well.

BL- BL stands for boarder line. Boarder line means that the Pokemon’s usage doesn’t qualify it of OU but it is banned in UU. Some Pokemon in this tier are Scolipede, Salamence, Serperior and Hawlucha.

UU- UU, or under used, is a lot of fun because a lot of alternative sets are ran in the UU tier. UU is the perfect place to try new things and it is the best place to experiment because there is less sheer force and more stalling sets. In UU some Pokemon you will find are Umbreon, Ambipom, Aggaron and Alakazam

BL2- BL2 is also boarder line, it is just boarder line between RU an UU

RU- RU, or rarely used, is where a lot of the Pokemon that are not bad but not good go. A lot of the RU Pokemon will have a X4 weakness to a common type or they will be Pokemon that are good at being annoying. Some Pokemon found in the RU tier are Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, Jellicent and Tangrowth.

NU- NU, or never used, is a tier containing the Pokemon that are just not seen in competitive play. The Pokemon in this tier include Ditto, Castform, Arbok and Flareon.


Knowing these tiers is an important part of Pokemon battling. It is also important to know that Pokemon in a lower tier can play up but a high tier Pokemon cannot play down. This means that I could use an Arbok in Ubers but it would not go over super well, however with a good strategy Arbok could easily make an appearance in the OU or UU tiers. With this project we hope to show that all Pokemon can be used successfully.

Are you interested in this idea? Are you excited to see what we can come up with? What Pokemon do you wanna see used outside of their standard tier? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section down below.