Official Minecraft Server Page/Article

Hello! This is Rolo from VGCritic, and today I will be explaining how you can join the server when it opens for Beta on June 8th. Keep in mind, all features will not be available when we open; they will be available when the full server is released. Also keep in mind that you will not be able to join the server until the morning of June 8th. One last thing! Until we get a page for the server, we will just be using this article, be sure to check here for updates (you should be able to navigate to this article from the main page very soon).

 How to Join the Server

1. Launch the game.

2. Go into the ‘Multiplayer‘ menu.

3. Click ‘Add Server‘.

4. Type in the Server IP. (

5. Join the Game.

6. Have Fun!

 What’s New?

We are finishing up small details to make sure the server is ready for the Beta Release. As of now, we are NOT looking for any staff. If you are interested in applying for staff soon,  follow @RoloBeGamin on twitter to keep up with updates about staff/server news!

Server News

There is no server news at the moment