What’s going on everyone, Rolo here. Today I am going to start bringing you these Minecraft Server Showcases. Each showcase will display all of the cool, unique features that each server has to offer. If you have any suggestions on any server for me to showcase, post them down in the comments below. Let’s Get Started!

Vox Populi-Voice of the People 

emerald.voxmc.com or diamond.voxmc.com

Vox Populi, or “Voice of the People” in latin, is a family friendly, RPG based server. The server has many unique features to offer, and is very family friendly. I guarantee you will never have the same experience more than once while playing on this server. This server has a big community, so there are two realms for players to choose from. Diamond is the more popular one; people who have been apart of the server longer are usually on diamond. It is also constantly full! Emerald is usually less crowded than diamond. It usually has newer people on (Personally, I am an Emerald type of guy). Although there are many things the server has to offer, I will just be pinpointing some of the main features. Let’s get started!

Vampires Werewolves

This server has two custom plugins that definately enhance the gameplay. If the player wishes to do so, he or she have the option of becoming a vampire, or a werewolf.

Vampire Features:

Vampires have amazing strength and speed.

Vampires can fight players, or animals/mobs, to heal.

Vampires can offer other players blood.

Players can make an offering to the “Altar of Darkness” to be infected with “The Dark Disease”.

Werewolf Features:

Werewolves have amazing strength and speed.

Werewolves can only eat raw meats, but will receive the full saturation.

Werewolves can offer to bite other players to spread the disease.

Werewolves only transform at night.

To learn more about these two plugins, VoxMC Features!


Dungeons are another great feature on the server. Basically, dungeons are maps where make your way from point A to point B. At the end of the map is a boss. If defeated, the boss will give all participating players some pretty sweet loot. However, in between you and the boss are lots of mobs who will stop at nothing to make sure you don’t advance. Personally, I suck at PVE/PVP in Minecraft. If you are just like me, than you can still participate in dungeons. Some dungeons are easier than others, so everyone has a chance at defeating a boss.

To learn more about dungeons, VoxMC Features!

Seasonal Events

Vox does something very unique that not all servers do. During certain holiday’s, or seasons, They make small little plugins that fit the theme of the event. For example, when they did they’re Easter Event, players could find Easter Eggs all around the map. Once the player had enough eggs, they could trade them in downtown for exclusive goods. They have also done events for Christmas, and Halloween! I would say that Vox’s seasonal events are what make the server stand out from the rest.

Now I could go on and on telling you all of the things that Vox has to offer, but why tell you when you can find out the rest for yourself. If this server interests you, the IP(s) are at the top of this article. Do you like Vox Populi as much as I do? What Server do you want me to showcase next? Post your feelings down in the comments below. I will see you all in the next Server Showcase!

Until Next Time,

– -Rolo (BAIIIII)