Game Name: Mario Party: Island Tour

Background Knowledge: The Mario Party franchise first began in 1998 with the franchises original title on the N64. Over a 15 year time period, Nintendo has created 9 games for their main consoles and 3 games for their handheld consoles (they also had a card based game for their e-reader that very few people even recall). Island Tour is Nintendo’s most recent release from the franchise and it is by far the best mobile version of the game to date.

 My Thoughts: Island tour meets every Mario party fans needs when it comes to a handheld game. The 3DS is a great platform for Mario party and Island tour lives up to the franchise name more than any other previous handheld version. While it is a simpler version of the old games (not as many maps, mini games, or characters) what you do get is quality Mario party games in a portable platform.

Mario Party Island tour has classic party mode, where four characters meet on a game board in search of becoming the champion, as well as mini game mode. It also meets the needs of any single player with the mini game challenge, Bowser’s tower mode, where players meet increasingly more different CPUs on an attempt to beat as many levels as possible by not losing a mini game. For those who want to play with friends, download play allows you to truly have a party, with only one person having the game. All in all Mario Party Island Tour lives up to the franchise that created the party game.

System: Nintendo 3DS

Approximate Play-through Time: 5 – 90 Minutes (Depending on game mode selected.)

Gameplay Style: Party Game.

Total Score 66/80: Dropping two categories that don’t really apply (options quantities and progression)

Gameplay. 8/10: The game is simple to start and almost anyone can pick up the game and almost instantly know what is going on. The mini games really take advantage of the many uses of the 3DS including using the stylus or Gyro Control to make the games unique to this system. The maps are entertaining and there is a map for anyone’s style of play.

Replay Ability 10/10: The game is different every time you play depending on what map you play, who you play with and the difficulty levels you set the CPUs at.

Graphics 7/10: Quality of graphics is good and the use of the 3D function is nice. The reason I don’t feel it deserves higher is they haven’t actually improved much from what we had before on the other systems.

Controls 8/10: Island tour takes full advantage of the many control options from the 3DS. There is almost a mini game that uses every possible way to use the control stick, the touch pad, and there is even a game that uses the microphone. Island tour is almost in itself a tour of how many ways Nintendo can come up with to use the 3DS controls.

Game Progression n/a: I wouldn’t say that you progress through this game. Your progression is up to you. Almost everything is available to you from the beginning of the game. You choose what you play, how you play, and how hard you want the game to be every time you play the game.

Options Quantities n/a: In this game, you start with every character, map, and minigame, so there isn’t really anything to unlock.

Overall Enjoyment 8/10: Island tour is extremely fun. Download play allows for 4 people to truly get together and have a great time. The only downside in my opinion is the lack of online play. It would be more enjoyable if I could have a group play mode online, but I can see why Nintendo didn’t add that and only wanted a download play.

AI Competency 7/10: There are 5 different levels of difficulty that one can pick for their CPU competition. Expert mode is truly a challenge and easy mode is really easy. This allows you to play the game the way you want, and as challenging or as easy as you want.

Met Expectations 9/10: Island Tour is a truly great party game with only one small flaw, it lacks an online mode.

Cost VS Enjoyment 9/10: This is a game that can be played over and over again. So the cost is worth it as you will be able to play this in many ways and play it again and again.


Do You Agree?

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