Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Ease of Play


Game Play




Buy Again?



  • Enhanced Battle Mode
  • New Racers
  • Beginner Steering Mode
  • Online Play
  • New Maps


  • One step closer to the Wii U becoming a paper weight.
  • Coin Runners still exists as a battle mode

Game Summary

It’s the game we know and love, remastered for the Nintendo Switch… and it’s incredible. This game takes the base Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U and makes it better for the switch. Take away the added base bonuses of the switch itself (Portability, Joycon grip, etc) and this game still, holds true being the best Mario Kart game ever. Mario Kart 8 brought us some of the best-designed tracks, the improved controls, and the massive step up in graphics on the WII U, but the switch version takes all of that, includes all the DLCs and more. The Switch version adds the Squids from splatoon, baby bowser is back, dry bones and more in characters, new tracks, including some from the 3ds Mario Kart 7, and one of the best improvements is the complete overhaul of the battle modes. Battle mode hasn’t really been good since Mario Kart on N64, with this new overhaul they have brought back classic balloon battle but added a bombs only mode, a cops and robbers mode, and a king of the hill type mode. Since the switch is supposed to be the social console of the future this addition to the game really brings that to the forefront. In addition, you get 200cc mode like you did in the Wii U DLC but now you can play it in time trials.

Is there a better alternative?

Not really. I mean you have to own a switch as it is only available on the switch (Nintendo effort to force all the people who they scammed into a Wii U last Christmas into a switch). However, if you don’t own a switch you can still get all the same Mario Kart love from the standard Wii U edition. Though the switch version has the added overhaul to battle mode which is where these two games are vastly different. If you care deeply about the battle mode than you really need to upgrade to the switch and to Deluxe.

How long will it last?

The beauty of all Mario Kart games is the replay ability. Yes its repetitive but that’s not why you play Mario Kart. you play Mario Kart to make your friends cry. Which you can do over and over and over, until Nintendo releases the next console… the Switch-a-roo.

Should you buy it?

If you have a switch… Absolutely. If you don’t have a switch you should cry yourself to sleep at night regretting your decision to wait to buy the switch to see if it really is all that Nintendo promised only to find out it IS all that Nintendo promised but you are too late to get one because Nintendo has the worst distribution model in the entire universe and you will never ever get one unless you sell a kidney or murder someone on black Friday.