Sometime I think it would be so cool to buy an old console and spend hundreds of dollars on my favorite games. Then I remember that I don’t have the money or time to play.

I do however have random chunks of time that I can play games. Waiting for meetings to start, in waiting rooms, in the bathroom (yes, in the bathroom) in the passenger seat of a car, at school, at church, etc. I can not however pull out a retro console and start playing it in all its glory. I do have my note 3 that can take its place though.

This is not a review of how to install an emulator on your phone and install roms, this is a review of the new game I found – ZigZag.

As soon as I saw ZigZag, I knew I needed to install it. Just the look of the game reminded me of one of my favorite NES games РMarble Madness.

This game is a little different as it is just one large level that you are trying to get as many zigs and zags (hence the name ZigZag) as you can, and it does not use the gyroscope on your phone. It is a lot of fun, and it is addictive.

ZigZag Android Download

ZigZag Apple Download

My high score is a sad 73, comment below with your high score for ZigZag