Lego video games have been one of the bestselling franchises in video games, being one of the few franchises to break the 100 million sold mark, and to be honest, they keep getting better. Lego stands to sell even more games this year as it is making two new games to hit the shelves when Jurassic world and Age of Ultron make it to theaters (or a little after the movie in the case of Lego Avengers.)

Lego Jurassic world looks to be one of the best Lego games yet with good looking graphics and the ability to control the dinosaurs, who can complain. Lego Avengers is rumored to follow the plots of both movies which knowing what Lego can do is going to be amazing… so now looking ahead to announced movies, which ones would add to the legacy that is Lego Video Games.

First let’s start with a few franchises that have already released their movie this year but they would still make for good Lego games

Lego Fast and the Furious


Fast and the Furious movies would be a great way to bring the typical Lego game and mix it with a classic racing game like need for speed. Plus since their seems to be no end for this franchise, Lego could make another 10 or 12 games in the future as we can anticipate more sequels to the Fast and the Furious than we had for the Land before time.

Lego Divergent:


Insurgent released last month and the final movies should drop next year. This series might be a great way to get the girls into the Lego games. This movie wasn’t supper high action but was full of a lot of challenges and trials that are all right up the alley of your typical Lego game. Plus I would love to see the jokes made in this movie that the Lego people love to put in to their games.

Lego Pixar:


Pixar has another potential hit on their hands with Inside Out but there are so many great Pixar movies that would make for one great Lego game. Granted Lego Toy Story, Monsters, and Cars could all be their own games, add to that a joint Pixar game of the great movies that don’t have sequels, Incredibles, Up, Wall E, Inside out. All of these could make a great for one amazing Lego Game

Lego Bond


This franchise is maybe too adult for Lego but the last bond movies have been fantastic and with Spectre set to hit theaters late this year, a Lego bond would be awesome! Play as all the different bonds over time, each with their own ability based on the way they played bond (Pierce Brosnan bond would basically be invisible since he never gets hit when millions of people are shooting him). Also the bond movies already have some of the wit and humor that Lego loves in their movies.

Lego Hunger Games


The concept of children killing each other for a TV show doesn’t
really fit the Lego profile but killing children didn’t stop the Lego harry potter games from being made and all that Voldemort wanted to do was kill… EVERYONE. So why not!?!? Controlling Katniss as she plots the death of the other tributes could make for a great challenge. Also think of all the players to unlock, Effie, Haymitch, Snow etc. Where is this Game?!?!

Lego Mission: Impossible


Again this series might be too adult for a series of Lego games but the possibilities for epic levels are endless. Lego Ethan Hunt is always out to solve problems and be the ultimate agent, and a Lego game of this franchise would not disappoint. The tools and gadgets used could be used similar to the tools and gadgets in Lego Batman, and who doesn’t want to see a Lego Ethan stick a piece of Red Light Green Light Gum to the Helicopter.

Are there other Lego Games you want to see? did we get it wrong? Let us know in the comments below.