Innovation is something that all gamers say they want, but do they? In recent years there have been many innovations in video game technology, many of which failed. Let’s take a look back and see if gamers really do want innovation.

Let’s go back to the virtual boy: Total flop. No developers wanted to build a game that needed to be on two screens at one. Why should they? There are plenty of other game consoles out there that are doing well. Virtual boy dies as a failure.

Years later we see the introduction of the Wii. The Wii has motion controls, and is in every house hold. Today, however, it is considered the LEAST played console in every house ever. Everyone has one, but since about a year after its release, no one played it, so, it died a failure.

Due to the popularity of motion controls Microsoft and Sony came out with their own motion control format. The Kinect and the… play wand is it? No one used the Sony one so who cares. The Kinect did fairly well, selling TONS of units. Now it is dead. Microsoft no longer supports Kinect. It died, and I would consider it a failure that no one uses.

A few years ago the Wii U released. It is doing well, and is a good product for Nintendo. It, however, has the same problem that the virtual boy had: two screens. No one wants to take the extra time to develop for two screens.

Every innovation has come and gone. New games, consoles, etc etc. The player keeps going back to what they know and love. With the amount of sequels that come out and do well, why do we keep innovating? I say we just stick with what we have. Heck, a new call of duty, what is this the 12th game? It is also the third in the Black Ops series. If we keep trying to innovate, it may spell doom for video games as a whole.

I think that if developers just stick to what everyone knows and loves, they will do fine. What do you think? Do you like innovation? Do you think they should just keep putting out sequels? Let me know in the comments below!