The 200cc Mariokart 8 update came out this last week and it is amazing. I’ll never play 150cc again, its just slow now. 200cc is so fast and with the speed came the fun. I love to drift in Mariokart and 200cc requires it to make it around any corner. If you cannot drift, you cannot 200cc. In addition of the mastering of the drift, you need to relearn all the item timings. You have to lead more with green shells, forward thrown items requires closer positioning¬†and kingshrooms already were too much of a boost in 150cc. I love 200cc, and though it is difficult, Mariokart has been revolutionized.


Some of the great features of 200cc are: Speed(duh), better drifts, much more air time(about 33% more), more difficulty, and the best part is that the 200cc update was free. Thanks Nintendo.