We all know games are not cheap and sometimes you want something new or different but the cash flow isn’t always there for a brand new game. Well here at VGCritic we understand that pain and are here to help with a new series of articles and videos. Hidden Gem or Piece of Crap will explore options for the gamer who is strapped for cash and wants a new experience.

Here is how it works. Each week we will go to our local game store that sells used games and buy the cheapest game in the store, no matter what it is and let you know if you should pick it up or flush it down.

This week’s Game: EXIT DS by TAiTO


Exit is a puzzle game originally published for the Play station portable but later versions were created for the Xbox and the Nintendo DS. The story follows Mr ESC, a professional escape expert, who risks his own life to enter dangerous situations and help people escape. Each puzzle is room, typically in a burning building with one exit that is usually blocked by something. The point of each level is to help the trapped individuals and use them in a way that helps you to get them to the exit and complete the level.


Initially I thought the game play was difficult as it required that the player use the stylus to choose where Mr ESC went and what he picked up. The gameplay was slow and often frustrating as you clicked the lower screen to more from place to place. Then while exploring the settings I discovered that settings could be changed to button and joystick control. This changed the game and made it much more fun. I found myself playing more and the challenges grew in difficulty at a nice pace and the game became more enjoyable.

Exit 5

If you like puzzle games and are looking for something different and cheap, try EXIT Ds. If you cant find it used at your local game store, its available on amazon. Used I paid $0.89 for this game would officially call this game

A Hidden Gem.