Halo online was announced about a week ago, and Microsoft confirmed that it would be available in Russia only. Unfortunately for Microsoft, this is the 21st century, and we have the internet. People have been busy on their way making download of this game available to all. All though, in many cases, the internet features are not available, there are ways to access the game and at least take a look around. That’s what I did, and I found myself quite pleased with what I found, which wasn’t much. It was a beautiful rendition of what we’ve all wanted, a Halo for the PC. It seems that this will be an interesting lead to follow, and if Microsoft will allow players from countries other than Russia to have access to this amazing push forward for the Halo series.

For now, all I was able to access was the maps, and run around a bit to see what gameplay we can expect. Knowing Russian, I was able to navigate the official site and sign up to receive a code to the actual game. Until then, I’ll have to deal with the version I’ve been able to find. It is the Halo 3 engine we’re playing on, so we know at least somewhat, what we can expect, although, there are many changes I already saw. First off, the spartans are spartan IV’s, so they’ve got a different look to them. The guns have gotten a remodel, now looking like the Halo 4 series guns. I was able to use the Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Spartan Laser, Gravity Hammer, and a few other familiar weapons. So far, there are only 5 maps to run around on, but I’m sure that they plan to add more.

The game itself is looking good, although somewhat pixleated. Remember, this is still alpha. I’m sure we can see many improvements in the roads ahead. With current motions, maybe Microsoft will break and give us all access to the game we want. Until then, we’ll keep you posted.


ADDED: In order to respect the rights to Microsoft, and their copyright, as well as uphold the law, we will not be linking any websites or ways to download the game. Any comments of such action will also not be tolerated. Thank you.