In theĀ Grand Theft Auto Universe, there are a multitude of things that you can do, in fact the game mode “heist” has been “coming soon” since the game launched almost two years ago. So…. Where are they? Rockstar has delayed heists approximately 80 millions times. They essentially delayed the game every month. Earlier they said that heists would come out before the PC version of it would. Then they delayed the PC version of the game. The PC version was supposed to launch March 3rd. Rockstar is known for coming out with DLC on Tuesdays. Well, they pushed the release of the PC version. Since the PC version got delayed, the heists also got delayed…. Again.

This time they got an actual release date: March 10th. So that’s the problem really. Heists release march 10th, 2015. The game came out September 7th, 2013. 2013!!!! That’s like a year and a half!! To be honest, are the people that bought GTA the day it came out even excited anymore? Do they even PLAY GTA anymore? Let’s be honest here, they probably aren’t.

“Well, heists are going to be freaking awesome” You say. But let’s be honest, they are only going to be new missions. That’s it. Play it once, and then you pretty much have it figured out. The only thing that I can think of is if there are multiple ways to complete one heist. If that’s the case, you may be able to play a heist two to five times. Even then, play it every way possible and then you’re done. The thing the Rockstar hyped for so long, and only increased the hype with the delays, has about five hours of game play. Sweet.

There is a saving grace to all of this however: custom heists. Now custom heists is not something that has been confirmed yet, so it’s a slim chance. In GTA online you can create your own races, death matches, etc. But not just anyone can create a MISSION. If you are able to create heists, put them up for review with Rockstar, and if they approve it have it go into the game, so that there is a never ending string of decent heists, then the heist update just may be worth the hype.

I for one, despite how much I bashed it, am REALLY excited for the heists update. Rolo actually just got the game, and it has been fun seeing/helping him level up. He is excited for the heists, as am I, because we both just got the game recently. A person who got it on day one, might not be as stoked about it. What do you think? Are you excited for heists? Do you even care anymore? Let me know in the comment section below!