Finally after literally two years of waiting Heists have finally made their way to the Grand Theft Auto 5 online universe. The all new Heists mode features a total of five daring and dangerous heists throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.  Heists have been a staple throughout Grand Theft Auto games, and were featured in all the GTA’s after Vice City. But this time the heists are different, they are online with up to 4 friends of your choice. So you, reading this post grab your controller and some friends and get ready to learn all you need to learn about Heists!

First of let’s start with the little things, GTA Online has got some serious retouching. First off  there are new Daily Objectives, which the player can do to get a fair amount of cash. You can also now help Gerald and Lester by distracting cops or destroying some vehicles for Gerald. There are also 40 new achievements and 9 new heist achievements. There is also a total of 11 new vehicles and  a wide range of new outfits and gear, but I will get to those later.

The first thing I want to write about is the Heists themselves.  To complete each heist missions you need to do a series of setups where you get a variety of vehicles  and various items to use in the heists.  These setups are fairly easy but do require teamwork, and some effort. To start the Heist, the leader needs to pay of fee of a couple thousand dollars and then the leader can invite his friends to start doing the heist setups. Once the heists setups are complete you can then start the heist finale. The heist finales require teamwork, and tons of effort. The Heist finales will be hard but the pay is worth it. Like I said before there is a total of 5 Heists, and they are as follows, with number of players required, number of setups and total payout.

1.Fleeca Job – 2 players – 2 setups – $143,750

2.The Prison Break – 4 players – 4 setups – $400,000

3.The Humane Labs Raid – 4 players – 5 setups – $540,000

4.Series A Funding – 4 players – 5 setups – $505,000

5.The Pacific Standard Job – 4 players – 5 setups – $1,000,000

Next lets discuss the brand new vehicles that have been added in the  Heists update. First let’s start with the cars, there is a total of 5 new cars. The first car is the Vapid Guardian it’s a giant truck based of the Ford F650. Next is the Karin Kuruma, the car is a light fast sports car, and comes in two variants armored and non armored. Next on the list is the Lampadati Casco, it is a classic sports car, that is based on the Maserati 3500. The next vehicle is the Karin Technical, the Karin Technical is a Karin Rebel with a machine gun turret on top. Now in my opinion the best for last, the HVY Insurgent, the HVY Insurgent is a heavily armored vehicle that is practically unstoppable, it comes in two variants one with a 50. cal machine gun turret on top, and one without the turret. Next on the list of new vehicles are the motorcycles, there are two new motorcycles. The first is the Dinka Enduro, the Enduro is a fast off road motorcycle. Next but definitely not least is the Principe Lectro, the Lectro is a sports bike , that has  a built in boost system. Finally the for last vehicle category the flying vehicles. First on the list is the Buckingham Valkrie, the Valkrie is a attack helicopter that has 3 machine gun turrets that players can use. The next vehicle is the Savage, the savage is another attack helicopter based of the Russian Hind, and it is equipped with one machine gun turret and side mounted rockets. Now for the planes, the first plane on the list is the Jobuilt Velum 5 Seater, this Velum is just like the original but with 5 seats instead of 2. And finally in my opinion the best vehicle added during the heists update is the Mammoth Hydra, the Hydra is based on the harrier VTOL jet, which mean is can take of vertically, and then switch modes and fly off like a jet, the Hydra is also equipped with missiles and a turret. All of these vehicles can be purchase but not all of them stored.

There are 100’s of more items to put on you GTA online character since the update came out, there are new mask, helmets, and every item of clothing. At the mask shop there are new balaclavas, paper bag masks, ski masks, and even new television show character masks. At any clothes shop, there are new outfits, tons of heist shirts, pants, and shoes. But I can’t tell you about them all because there is way too many, to talk about. So what do you think about the new update was it worth the wait or not? Also will you be buying the brand new vehicles? So what are you waiting for? Go play some Grand Theft Auto Online Heists.


Reviewed by: TJ