Earlier today, Black Ops III was announced. There was only a 1:08 minute teaser trailer, but it looked awesome. There is supposed to be an actual trailer coming out on April 26th. What can we expect from this game? It is hinted at that you will play as Mason, or another one of his affiliates, as you do in the first two games.

I just went to the Call of Duty website, and to see more, and there wasn’t anything. Literally the only thing released is the teaser trailer. The trailer can be found below this article. What do you think of Black Ops 3? Will you be buying it? Bryce from the site said: “Even though I have hit my limit on call of duty, I might get Black Ops 3. Black Ops was my favorite of the series” Thank you Bryce. To read why Bryce has hit his limit, check out his article here. Let me know what you think of the new game, in the comments below. Be sure to come back to stay updated as more information comes out!