Game Name: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

My Thoughts: Call of Duty, this franchise opened the door for me for so many games and communities and it was not until playing the Call of Duty series that I had decided to start to play online, so naturally when I saw a new one coming out I just had to get it.

System: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Approximate Play-through Time: Campaign wise you could probably beat this game in somewhere around 6-7 hours, but if you were playing online and multiplayer and wanted to BEAT it then it will be a long journey which will take several weeks and even months.

Gameplay Style: First-person, Shooter, Action

Total Score: 84/100

Gameplay – 7/10: The Call of Duty games have always held a special place in my heart but I feel like the addition of the Exo-skeletons makes the game feel too much like Halo. The other thing bringing down the score is the fact that in the campaign it shows the amount of ammo in clip on the actual gun, not a feature I was a huge fan of.

Replay Ability 7/10: In the sense of campaign this game didn’t really have much free-roam or replay but I gave it a higher rating because of the replay ability of multiplayer as well as the replay ability in the new exo zombies game mode.

Graphics – 9/10: I really did enjoy the graphics in this game, first impressions absolutely the best looking Call of Duty game to date. Your character looks real and the only thing that is keeping it from a 10 for me is I feel like the difference between the graphics on a character and the environment seem worlds apart from each other.

Controls – 10/10: I gave Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a perfect score when it comes to controls, the game couldn’t feel more natural to me as well, also with 20 different sensitivity settings as well as featuring a colorblind assist setting.

Game Progression – 8/10: (SPOILER ALTERT!) The game starts and it just puts you right into the action, you play as a character named Jack Mitchell who had joined the marines with his best friend named Will Irons. You start in the 2054 South Korean metropolis in a mission where Will dies and from that point on I was hooked and wanted to beat the game in a sort of “in his honor” kind of way.

Overall Enjoyment – 7/10: I love the fact that in this Call of Duty game, in the campaign, when I’m not trying to get achievements and am just playing it, I feel challenged. I wish the characters were deeper and when I say that I mean my character. you meet Will’s father later in the game which I thought was really cool but I wish I knew more of the back story behind every character.

AI Competency – 8/10: AI’s, what I would call a very very touchy category mainly because it can go from a good amount of AI competency to too much very quickly and easily. I love that in this game I feel like the AI’s actually talk to me as opposed to just telling me to do one thing over and over again. If I am making a mistake or doing something wrong, however, on the other end of the spectrum it is kind of annoying needing to wait for them to know what it is I need to do or work on next.

Met Expectation – 10/10: There were some features in this game I did not really enjoy. I saw this and was expecting a regular old Call of Duty game and I will admit the Exo-skeletons are fairly cool. The two main things that sets this game out and makes it pass head-and-shoulders above my expectation is how much more crucial it is to use your minimap in multiplayer as opposed to previous games. What really takes the cake is a game mode called “Momentum” which was originally featured back in Call of Duty: World at War as a game mode called “War” which was my absolute favorite game mode back then and has not been in another Call of Duty game until now.

Options Quantities – 10/10: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare easily has the most customization across every Call of Duty game. First off they added in upgrades to your exo suit that you can change throughout the game, brought back the Emblem creator as well as have a soldier creator kind of like in Call of Duty: Ghosts. But instead of needing to unlock everything in their own specific way you can unlock things randomly in a “care package” form called a Supply Drop which is where you can get Soldier customization unlocks and even weapons. If it is something you don’t want you can refund it back for experience points.

Cost vs Enjoyment – 8/10: One of the many reasons that I love the Call of Duty series is because of how many things I have to work for, especially in multiplayer. I have had a great time playing the game just for fun and look forward to working on completing achievements and getting calling card titles to show off my challenges.


What do you think? Was Call of Duty up to your standards? Let me know in the comments below!