Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now releasing it’s 2nd DLC installment, Ascendance. Ascendance will be going live on March 31st and will, like all DLC’s start with 4 brand new multiplayer maps.

Perplex: A small map taken place in the city of Sydney, Australia. The map features construction drones that will be moving and re-aranging the apartment complex which you will be causing chaos in constantly giving you a different direction, as well as a different edge over your opponent if you use these changing pathways right.

Site 244: Site 244 is by far my favorite map in this entire map pack. Who doesn’t want to fight on an alien crash site that’s right in front of Mount Rushmore?!? On site of this alien crash landing you can also get the spaceship to release a type of spore which will boost your exo-abilities as well as perks! Definitely a map I’m looking forward too.

Climate: A round map inside of a climate controlled biodome featuring a small island in the center of the map for teams to battle over. In addition to the brawl this map also features a river which can begin to rage creating another obstacle in attempt to conquer the island. I love the round design of this map and think that objective game modes will be tons of fun.

Chop Shop: Chop shop takes the cake when it comes to being the most creative map in this map pack. It takes place in an industrial complex of unauthorized trade of exo-skeletons featuring a map killstreak, the Advanced Repulsion Turret. I am hoping this map will feature tampered exo-skeletons for pickup and use that give more of a realistic feel to the fact that they are quite literally in a “Chop Shop”.

Exo-Grapling Hook: With this pack there will also be a new hookshot-like item, the Exo-grapling Hook. I am very intrigued in this item, it has caught my attention almost very first in first seeing things to be released in this DLC. It is a hook that is a part of your exo-suit which can help you get too certain areas of the map easier and quicker as well as being able to be used as an offensive weapon. However with this release it is stated that this item will be restricted to a specific playlist and will not be available on all maps for the time being.

Zombies: The moment we’ve all been waiting for, what is Sledgehammer going to do to make Exo Zombies even better? The zombie map being released along with this installment is titled “Infection” bringing back the 4 Atlas employees to fight off this horde of zombies on the outskirts of one of their Atlas facilities. This map will not only be featuring new weapons and traps but new actual zombies such as the “Acid Dripper” and the “Goliath”. In addition to these twists, they are also adding a civilian extraction mode in which you need to help survivors escape from the horde, a big change overall strategy and thinking zombies has normally featured.

My Opinion: This map pack is absolutely amazing, I love the variance in map sizes and creativity between the online maps, the grapling hook sounds absolutely awesome and I cannot wait to try out the survivor mode and see how I fair against Goliath. What do you think about the maps?