A prequel to the sequel we all know and love, and it does not disappoint! If you’ve played the previous Borderlands titles, you know how the loot and shoot system, combined with comedic taste for dark humor, has brought this game to be a favorite to many gamers. The Pre-Sequel takes place between the first and second Borderlands, and tells the story of Handsome Jack, our infamous villain and CEO of Hyperion in Borderlands 2. You play as a Vault Hunter that Jack has hired in order to help complete the Helios space station, and recover it from a group of renegade DAHL soldiers.
Once again, we have 4 characters to choose from: Nisha, Wilhelm, Athena, and CL4P-TP. Yes, that little annoying robot that everyone hates is now a playable character. The abilities of these characters are similar to past borderlands characters, but have enough of a twist on them to give us new feel. Nisha can auto-lock onto enemies and shoot with increased everything. Wilhelm can call in two flying droids to fight by his side and heal him, as well as, with the correct skill tree, attach cybernetics to himself, giving him new abilities. Athena has a shield that she can summon that takes bullets, and then is tossed at an enemy to deal damage. She also wields a sword that can be a real havoc maker in close quarters. CL4P-TP, or Claptrap, has the most diverse of the characters abilities. He can scan the area with his “vaulthunter.exe” program, and adapt to the situation. Although helpful at times, this can also be cause for annoyance to teammates in multiplayer, as it affects everyone.
The game gets started out quickly, and you soon find yourself fighting of hordes of badies, and finding good loot. Many of the enemies feel like reskinned and renamed bandits and psychos from Borderlands 2, but there are a few new enemies that we haven’t faced before. This keeps the classic feel of Borderlands, but makes you wish they would switch it up at times. The loot is great, although seems to be rigged toward dropping more of the new laser and ice weapons than any other type. This can cause for annoyance when looking to loot some new gear, and all you get is another laser gun. That aside, the new laser weapons are a blast to disintegrate enemies, as well as the ice weapons that freeze enemies solid, allowing you to run up and smash them into tiny little pieces! All the other weapons are still there and seem to have the same properties and looks as previous Borderlands. New weapon aesthetics would be nice to see a little change.
The story has the same great humor that we see in other Borderlands games, and gives us a good look into how Jack became the man he is in Borderlands 2. Unlike most other common “telling the bad guy’s story” games and movies, this one doesn’t make you feel any sympathy for the man you face in the second game.  This is a nice change from the current trend in most stories we see from other universes. The comedy follows the humor of previous games and brings the classic feelings we love from our friends at 2K, although it lacks the “feels” from the past two games. It does, however add a new twist in the lore and story that could be added onto in the next Borderlands titles, which is enough to excite any fan.

Overall, this title adds to already the great storyline of Borderlands, allowing us to have a nice buffer game as we wait for the story to evolve in the next title. Although, unnecessary to play for the effect of the story, it does add a fun look into the story of our villain and allows yet another great experience in the Borderlands.

Gameplay: 7
Story: 7
Graphics: 8.5
(Bonus!) Humor: 10
Overall: 7.6


Submitted by: Bryce Green