As another day passes more video games have been played and I (Cooksey) am here to talk about the games I played and maybe remind you of some games that you used to play and inspire you to pick them back up, or perhaps I will talk about a game you have never played before and you will be inspired to try it out for yourselves. Now, let’s get started!

I don’t always enjoy time spent with my family and I definitely don’t like when they tell me to put the games away, however today I managed to play video games and balance out the family as well. After a couple hours of playing baseball at the park with my parents and younger siblings, I took the time to pull out my phone and start playing Pokemon Go. I know that Pokemon Go hasn’t really been the heat of video games for the last couple months but I thoroughly enjoy playing it still. I love how the buddy system works and I am able to collect candy for them as I walk, in fact after the playing and walking I did today I am literally 0.1 kilometer away from having a my Ledyba evolve and that’s right I said Ledyba (the second generation of Pokemon has been added if you weren’t aware). I also was able to get some distance on my eggs and I visited my Pokestop of the Day, where I caught my Pokemon of the Day.

After spending time with my family, I had to return to my apartment. Blake did the driving, so I had the opportunity to play some more video games on the way home. I was able to play some Pokemon Fire Red for the first time in a long time and boy was I having a good time. In fact, I decided that I am going to try to put together a new Nuzlocke on our Youtube channel so keep your eyes open for that. I’m calling it the Infolocke and you will see why soon enough.

Upon getting home I had to do some studying (that I avoided in the car by playing Pokemon) and I did that until I couldn’t take it anymore. After all the studying, I decided that I had earned the right to play some Playstation 3 and after a quick search through my games, I found one that I had not played in years. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. I played this game for a couple hours enjoying the amazing graphics and the perfect balance of difficulty and satisfaction. I played until I was so tilted I could not win another race and man I want to keep playing still. That game is crazy fun.

And so yeah, when all was said and done that was Another Day as a Gamer.