The Skyrim Texture pack for the Minecraft on the PS3 and PS4 was surprising to see at first and, after purchasing, I have truly enjoyed the texture pack.

This was the first texture pack I purchased for myself and it remains to be the only one. I was excited ’cause Skyrim. Skyrim is one of the best games of all time, in my humble opinion, and I have always enjoyed Minecraft so to see a cross over between the two games was exciting.

After purchasing the texture pack I immediately got on to check all of the new skins I could use for my character. The list was extensive and you can be almost any character that is worth being, Lydia included. After this enjoyable analysis of the skins I could now use, I sought to see what all the Mobs now looked like and I was less impressed I did like how the zombies were draugrs but there are mobs that didn’t change and could have been way epic. The blazes could have been flame atronachs or the Ender Dragon could have looked more like a Skyrim dragon than it did. I was not unimpressed, I just think they could have done better.

There were many small changes but there is nothing better than the use of wool in the texture pack. In the Skyrim texture pack there isn’t a great way to add variety to the appearance of your buildings; WRONG! This was my first thought but under further review I found that all of the wool colors were unique building looks that added to the Skyrim feel more than anything else does.

Over all, I like the texture pack. I only ever use this texture pack now. It was worth the money and I would buy it again.