There are many things that make each Pokemon Generation better than the last. Here is a list of ten things that make returning to a previous Pokemon Gen. practically impossible.


1 Running Indoors

Running indoors was the most awesome mechanic change in all of Pokemon history. There really is no reason that you couldn’t run indoors originally, it just took until Gen. IV for Nintendo to realize that it was something worth doing.

2 Wonder Trade

Wonder Trade is one of the most fun ways to get new Pokemon. There is nothing better than being gifted with something good over Wonder Trade and there is no better way to get Magikarps than from Wondertrade. I mean its more reliable than an old rod.

3 Reusable TM’s

I didn’t ever use TM’s prior to Gen. V because I hated the regret of realizing another Pokemon would be a better candidate for the TM’s usage. In Gen. V, with a newly found large push on competitive battling, there was the ability to use TM’s over and over again; This made them more fun and less stressful.

4 Natures

Natures are simple, in Gen II it was the satisfying thing to know that your Pokemon was putting out more damage than another of its same species. Additionally, with competitive battling being a thing, it is nice to have the options brought about with natures.

5 Sturdy

Sturdy is the most annoying ability of all time. Knowing that you could have KO’d a Pokemon one shot but it held on with one HP, then the next turn Elite 4 Member Wikstrom would full restore the Probopass, then same thing the next turn. It is annoying, however it is revolutionary too it added to the probabilities of online battling.

6 Physical Special Split

This was another great change that came with Gen. IV. Before this split hyper beam was physical and fire punch was special. Now if a move is special or physical is based upon the move itself rather than its typing.

7 Experience Share Mechanic Change

The Experience Share has always been one of everyone’s favorite items. It gives experience to a Pokemon that never showed face in battle. Now in Gen. VI all the Pokemon in a team gain experience from every battle, making Pokemon super easy. This changes the way Pokemon is played all together. Also, because the Experience Share shares EV’s as well as experience, it makes training battle ready Pokemon much easier.

8 Added Typings

Adding a type to the pool of types changes the way players play Pokemon all together. Every player has to relearn the entire game each time a new type is added. When types are added they never go away, meaning we will from now on see new Pokemon that are fairy, dark and steel type.

9 Mega Evolving/Primal Evolving

Mega Pokemon and Primal Pokemon have changed the style of Pokemon play almost as much as the addition of new typings have. Almost every trainer has used a Mega or a Primal and the added layers in competitive play is revolutionary in itself, not to mention the new abilities and mechanics that came from them.

10 Multiple Key Items Registered

This is not the most significant change but it is probably the most useful. The change in the sake of ease in Pokemon play is really nice and it is essentially the most used change in all of Pokemon history. There nothing better than having a bike, rod, eon flute, and Exp Share all registered at the same time.

Yes there are other things with revolutionary magnitude and yes there will be another article with other revolutionary Pokemon changes. These are just a few that I continue to be thankful for every time I attempt to use one for my benefit.