Depression absolutely stinks and there are so many different things that suck about it and cause it to get worse. One of the many coping devices that are available to all of those with depression is the playing of video games. While video games can be fun to just play there are several different processes that occur in you body as you play them that give off little chemical stimulants that make you feel better. The key to fighting depression through video games is by playing the right games.

No. 1 Super Mario Maker

mario maker

Super Mario Maker is the perfect game to just release all of the different energy built up inside of you. It is easy to just sit back and enjoy hours at a time creating and playing levels. The form of game play that is going to be the most useful to fight the anxiousness of the world is the course builder. You can create and challenge your own abilities as much as you’d like and there is no consequence for failure. Also it is easy to just try again or to just quit for that matter. The course creator wold also allows you to meet new people and find courses that are inspired by creativity, rather than just ones made by Satan to make you wanna throw a hammer though a T.V.

No. 2 Minecraft


Minecraft is another perfect game where you can just play to play. You can build virtually anything and you can spend hours in a creative or survival mode where you will get a satisfaction of completing many little goals that you set for yourself. Regardless of what system you are playing on there are sure to be a list of accomplishments pre-established for you to perform. Minecraft is really simple and because there is no true end you can just keep giving yourself a little esteem boost as you craft that perfect sword and give it that perfect enchantment.

No. 3 Pokemon


Pokemon isn’t hard. Sometimes it is hard to remember that with how competitive it is becoming, however it is nice to just sit down and play it. As you just play through a Pokemon game you learn how to use more Pokemon, you learn the typings of each Pokemon and you learn the little details that are a little more in depth that you at first expected. You also grow attachments to YOUR Pokemon and you feel the accomplishment and a sense of pride as the team trained by YOU beat the champion at the end of the game.

No. 4 Skyrim


Skyrim is one of the more challenging games on this list. Difficulty isn’t bad but it can lead to additional stress so be careful. The aspects of Skyrim that help it to fit on this list are the immense open world, the ability to make your own choices and the extreme amount of opportunity for accomplishment that can come from this game. You also have serene music and vast atmospheres to explore as you continue to grow stronger and become a force to be reckoned with.

No 5. Endless Ocean

This game has everything you need to keep calm and game on. It has a large map with numerous species of marine organisms to find, it has peaceful music, it has a very loose story and it has a naturally calming nature to it. You can swim with dolphins and whales, you can dive to the depths of the ocean, and you can freely do what you want to do. No rules, few limits, zero danger. This game helps you to just relax and escape from the stressful world that you may need to just have a break from.

No. 6 Legend of Zelda Series


All of the Zelda games have a very unique mixture of fairly simple puzzles and fun combat. While these games can be frustrating at times it is most always rewarding. The plot in these games are heavy, but if you take time to look around, you will find that there are lots of little things that make the game a little easier or more fun. There are many unique aspects to each of these individual games and, while not everybody can play them repeatedly, there is almost always another one to play.

No. 7 Tycoon Games


While Tycoon Games is really just a very, very large genre they all serve a similar idea. They give you this feeling of power and control. You can create on a sandbox for hours or you can try to challenge yourself a little bit more and go after the multi-billion dollar dream. Another great aspect to these games is that they are fun and there are so many different ones that most everybody can find a game that is right for them. If you like amusement parks, bam! there is a game for that. If you like lemonade, bam! there is a game for that. If you like people, you’re weird but the Sims games have got your ┬áback. No matter your interests there is a Tycoon Game waiting to be played.

No. 8 Racing Games

maiokart 8 image

Racing games aren’t always super easy, but often they are beatable. You can play for hours racing some easy CPU’s or you could challenge yourself. Often these games also allow you to create a car of your own to race with. You can be responsible for the creation of the fastest car on the streets, and that’s a good feeling. You are the one that was the reason that you won when it came down to it and when you lose, it was only like 3 minutes that have gone to waste.

No. 9 Lego Games


All of the Lego games are just so fun! You can build levels, create characters, play through your favorite adventures and die as many times as you want. There are virtually no penalties for being bad at the game and the large variety of puzzles keeps you thinking and keeps you feeling rewarded. These games are fun and comical and quite creative honestly. You almost never run out of things to do and the replay-ability for them is awesome.

No. 10 Disney Infinity


Disney Infinity has a lot of characteristics that make it very similar to the Lego series, however, the one thing that sets them apart the most is the ability for them to place you inside of your favorite Disney universes. You are placed in your childhood safe places and you get to just design, add, and change it to your liking. This is a unique game that kinda just makes you feel good.

THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY GAMES, they are just a few. One thing that you really need to consider though is are the games you are playing right for you? If you are struggling with depression, maybe avoid games that have a competitive nature or ones that rely on other people for your success. Nobody likes being told they suck at a game they enjoy and nobody likes losing because of crappy teammates. It is probably best to avoid these games if at all possible unless of course, you like salt.